RFP # 48122- Has been scored and is awarded to:

Champion Bus 

Light duty-lift /Low-floor & passenger only buses

Medium duty -lift /Low-floor & passenger buses

Coach & Equipment
Light duty lift and passenger buses

Light duty -lift & passenger buses
Medium duty -lift & passenger buses

Star Trans / Supreme
Light duty-lift & passenger buses
Medium duty -lift & passenger buses

This procurement is for Casino & Resort buses, Elders buses, Boy's and Girls Clubs and all purchasing for Tribal Enterprises. Included will be light duty and medium duty styles of buses.

See this sample of a typical Elders or Resort & Casino ADA bus compared to a state contract pricing and save 12%

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We are currently working on a menu type procurement contract that will include:

  1. Vans & Mini Vans
  2. Light duty mini buses
  3. Medium duty buses
  4. Motor Coaches
  5. Video Systems
  6. Preventative Maintenance Products 
  7. Bus Shelters 

Contract 48122 for Light duty & Medium duty buses just released! Taking Purchasing to New Heights!