About the NTC

The NTC is a non-profit corporation created for one purpose:

Provide tribal governments and their enterprises a better method for buying buses and transportation services. 

Meet our Board of Directors

"This cooperative purchasing model will give us the ability to pool our buying power in order to negotiate better pricing on commonly used goods and services". -Tribal Leaders, ATNI


See Resolution # 13-13

"THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that ATNI does hereby pledge its support for all tribes by supporting the National Transportation Consortium’s efforts to develop a native bus procurement and other transportation related products and urge the Federal Transit Administration to support our efforts by allowing for a native bus purchase agreement in 2013 and beyond;"

See Resolution # 12-56 

 "The foregoing resolution was adopted at the 2012 Annual Convention of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, held at Wildhorse Resort and Casino, Pendleton, Oregon on September 24 – 27, 2012 with a quorum present."

Our goal is to do three things:

1.  Reduce the cost of  buses and transportation related services you buy by leveraging Tribal Resources
2.  Significantly streamline the bidding process and ensure compliance with FTA regulations and tribal bid requirements
3.  Eliminate dependence on buying off State contracts   

What Does That Mean For Tribal governments?

The NTC was specifically created at the direction of Tribal leadership to leverage native buying power. We are now developing a menu type contract designed specifically to address the growing needs of tribal transits.

Taking Purchasing to New Heights!

See our latest press release!

How do we lower the cost of buying a bus?

We are able to negotiate directly with manufacturers for bus purchases. The more buses purchased off our contract, the lower the cost of each bus. Your bus purchase not only lowers your cost, but lowers the cost of every bus purchased in Indian Country.

Can I still specify what I need on my bus?

Absolutely. A menu type contact specifically allows for that. In fact dealers make most of their profit from options. You will find that the majority of your savings will be on options, since that is where most of the dealer profit is. This means that what is needed in Alaska villages does not need to be the same as what is needed by the Navajo.

How many buses can I buy off the contract?

The Federal Transit Administration will not allow us to have an unlimited purchase contract. We are required by federal regulations to have a minimum and a maximum number of buses on our contract. However, that does not mean you will be limited in any way on how many buses you can purchase off our contract. It simply means that the we must have a realistic expectation on the number of buses that may be purchased off our contract.

How is NTC funded?

Presently we are funded by voluntary donations from tribal governments, purchasing activity, memberships and sponsored advertising on this website.