Welcome to the National Transportation Consortium!

What is the NTC?

A non-profit corporation whose members consist of tribal governments and their enterprises.  Our primary mission is the production of a national contracts for purchasing transportation related products and service.

What are the benefits in joining the National Transportation Consortium?

Members of the NTC will be allowed to purchase buses and transportation services off our contract at a substantial discount.  We offer technical assistance before and after you acquire a bus.  No requirement to waive sovereign immunity for using our contract. Support fellow tribes by leveraging our buying power.

What does it cost to join the National Transportation Consortium?

Membership is free. However you must register with us in order to purchase off of our contract. We recommend registering well before you need to purchase a bus so that we have a realistic estimate on the number of buses that will be needed.

Taking Purchasing to New Heights!

See our latest press release!

Contract 48122 for Light duty & Medium duty buses has been awarded!

The NTC is rolling more purchasing contracts:

  • Video surveillance systems and GPS systems 
  • FTA compliant light duty & medium duty buses
  • Bus shelter
  • Motor Coaches